Looking back – Cider Realities

  Over the last few months we’ve all had time to reflect and look back, today, we look back to Cider Realities. An industry first, Cider Realities was an immersive, multisensory craft cider and contemporary art exhibition which we curated and hosted alongside Hawks Cider in Bermondsey, London. The idea was to challenge people to experience cider and art in a new environment which blurred the lines between both creations. We wanted to create a unique and unmissable multi sensory experience with our ciders. Where visitors could use taste, smell, hear and touch to challenge how they experience art and cider. The art was supplied by .informality Gallery with works by acclaimed British artist Brian Grimwood along with exciting contemporary works by Anthony White and Brooke Holme. The characteristics of…
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Spotlight Series – River Test Distillery

Since the start of the year, thousands of businesses like ours have been feeling the affects of COVID-19. Not only sales, but on missed opportunities. We wanted to create a place which puts the spotlight on other independent producers to give them an outlet to champion their amazing produce. Welcome, to the Spotlight Series. The first artisans we're talking to are Sarah and Jonathan Nelson of River Test Distillery. We talked with them about lockdown, their recent award, inspirations and the industry at large.   Where are you isolating? At home. Luckily the distillery is a 10metre walk from the front door which provides a useful escape now we have all 4 teenage daughters back home!   What were you enjoying pre-Covid and how have you adapted this into your…
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