Looking back – Cider Realities


Over the last few months we’ve all had time to reflect and look back, today, we look back to Cider Realities. An industry first, Cider Realities was an immersive, multisensory craft cider and contemporary art exhibition which we curated and hosted alongside Hawks Cider in Bermondsey, London.

The idea was to challenge people to experience cider and art in a new environment which blurred the lines between both creations.

We wanted to create a unique and unmissable multi sensory experience with our ciders. Where visitors could use taste, smell, hear and touch to challenge how they experience art and cider.

The art was supplied by .informality Gallery with works by acclaimed British artist Brian Grimwood along with exciting contemporary works by Anthony White and Brooke Holme. The characteristics of each artwork were expertly matched with the nuances and characteristics of each cider. Other sensory stimuli were then introduced to further the experience, these included fresh rose petals, the sound of a political riot, Chinese incense and a barrel of sand!



The event attracted some notable help from Tom Pursey of Flying Object, who created the highly successful Tate Sensorium; a multi layered sensory experience for the gallery.

Tom Pursey stated: “Our experience with The Tate gave us a unique insight into how senses don’t work in isolation but work together to create a perception of the world, through an intermingling of the sensory stimuli it receives.”

He went onto say, that “The idea of combining striking visual art with the taste of cider, was an exciting and fun extension of the experience that Flying Object gained with the gallery”.

We had an brilliant turn out and a truly memorable time, this was our first art / cider exhibition but it certainly won’t be the last!




Loxley Cider